A Companion to Naturalism
do Carmo (Juliano Santos), Ed.
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.


Editor’s Preface

  1. Offering an engaging and accessible portrait of the current state of the field, A Companion to Naturalism shows students how to think about the relation between Philosophy and Science, and why it is both essential and fascinating to do so. All the authors in this collection reconsider the core questions in Philosophical Naturalism in light of the challenges raised in Contemporary Philosophy. They explore how philosophical questions are connected to vigorous current debates - including complex questions about metaphysics, semantics, religion, intentionality, pragmatism, reductionism, ontology, metaethics, mind, science, belief and delusion, among others – showing how these issues, and philosopher’s attempts to answer them, matter in the Philosophy. In this sense, this collection is also compelling and illuminating reading for philosophers, philosophy students, and anyone interested in Naturalism and their place in current discussions.
  2. There are no formal divisions in this Companion, so the different essays are freestanding and can be read in isolation from the other. Nevertheless, the reader can view an informal line uniting the essays, with one topic naturally leading to the other.
  3. Juliano Santos do Carmo (Editor) is Professor of Philosophy at Federal University of Pelotas. He is the idealizer of the Naturalism: Contemporary Perspectives (2013) and author or editor of various studies on Wittgenstein’s Philosophy, Naturalized Semantics and Normativity.


Dissertatio Filosofia, Pelotas, Brazil, 2015. Downloaded from Academia.edu, 12th February 2020

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