Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics
Marshall (Tim)
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  1. Geography shapes not only our history, but where we're headed...
  2. All leaders are constrained by geography. Their choices are limited by mountains, rivers, seas and concrete. Yes, to follow world events you need to understand people, ideas and movements - but if you don't know geography, you'll never have the full picture.
  3. If you've ever wondered why Putin is so obsessed with Crimea, why the USA was destined to become a global superpower, or why China's power base continues to expand ever outwards, the answers are all here.
  4. Prisoners of Geography looks at the past, present and future to offer an essential insight into one of the major factors that determines world history. It's time to put the 'geo' back into geopolitics.
  5. 'One of the best books about geopolitics you could imagine: reading it is like having a light shone on your understanding.
    → Nicolas Lezard, Evening Standard'
  6. 'A fresh and original insight into the geopolitics behind today’s foreign policy challenges.'
    → Andrew Neil
  7. 'Sharp insights into the way geography shapes the choices of world leaders'
    → Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

    Foreword by Sir John Scarlett1 KCBM OBE – v
    Introduction – vii
  1. Russia – 1
  2. China – 33
  3. United States of America – 63
  4. Western Europe – 91
  5. Africa – 117
  6. The Middle East – 145
  7. India and Pakistan – 189
  8. Japan and Korea - 217
  9. Latin America – 241
  10. The Arctic – 269
    Conclusion – 288
    Bibliography – 293
    Acknowledgements – 297
    Index – 298

In-Page Footnotes ("Marshall (Tim) - Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics")

Footnote 1:
  • Elliott & Thompson Limited; Revised and Updated Edition (2 Jun. 2016); 2019 reprint
  • While this is a nice clean and new paperback, I feel disappointed by its construction. It's of the sort that if you try to open it flat - not that I've tried - the spine will snap.
  • This makes it difficult to read the maps, which are - in any case - so lacking in detail as to be pretty worthless.
  • I imagine the text is well worth reading, but I bought the book as an interesting way to get a handle on the geography.

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