Septuaginta: A Reader's Edition - Volume 1
Lanier (Gregory R.) & Ros (William A.)
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  1. The font is excellent. The paper is first class and thick, like a book, not shear like some Bibles. The authors left more than adequate room in the margin for notes.
  2. The authors' schema for which words to identify is good. They add a short glossary at the end for more frequently used words.
  3. For books like Jeremiah, it would have helped to have a code to the more general text since there are considerable variances in chapter and verse numbering and comparison is difficult.
  4. Both volumes are over 2" thick so they are large books.
  5. The topic titles, "Israel's Unfaithfulness Punished," "God's Response," "False Prophets Condemned," and so forth are in English, which is largely a matter of preference.
  6. What is seriously missing is in the Reader's Section. Nouns are given without definite articles or genitive endings, which is standard in Greek texts and extremely useful to most readers. In order to save space, a single definition, often a single word, is given. There is much white space on the pages so it would not have increased the size of the book to be more helpful here. It is not just about reading Greek but about understanding what is intended and there usually is not a single-word transference between Koine Greek and modern English.


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