Easy Quran: Arabic Text With Word For Word English Translation
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  1. I’ve set myself the task of reading the Qur’an in Arabic, but didn’t really have the right tools, or at least not all the right tools.
  2. Whatever I have on the Qur’an is listed under the (pseudo-)Author Qur'an.
  3. This volume provides 3/4 of what I want: a clear Arabic text, an English interlinear and an idiomatic English translation. However, it doesn’t have the English transliteration.
  4. However, this is supplied in the hefty "Asad ( Muhammad), Qur'an - The Message of the Quran: The Full Account of the Revealed Arabic Text Accompanied by Parallel Transliteration", though not as an interlinear. This has copious explanatory footnotes, so I’ll be reading it in parallel in any case.
  5. I nearly purchased – before I came across this book – another book that has the interlinear English transliteration, but no Arabic: but I couldn’t find it when I looked again. Hopefully I won’t need it.
  6. On reflection, as I've decided to become familiar with the Arabic script and language - and given that Asad's book has so many notes - I don't think I'll need this interlinear, but may us it when I get more familiar with the script so can read it fluently.

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Taj Company, Hard Cover, 2003

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