The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World
Doyle (Andrew)
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  1. Engaging, incisive and acute, The New Puritans is a deeply necessary exploration of our current cultural climate and an urgent appeal to return to a truly liberal society.
  2. The puritans of the seventeenth century sought to refashion society in accordance with their own beliefs, but they were deep thinkers who were aware of their own fallibility. Today, in the grasp of the new puritans, we see a very different story.
  3. Leading a cultural revolution driven by identity politics and so-called 'social justice', the new puritanism movement is best understood as a religion - one that makes grand claims to moral purity and tolerates no dissent. Its disciples even have their own language, rituals and a determination to root out sinners through what has become known as 'cancel culture'.
  4. In The New Puritans, Andrew Doyle powerfully examines the underlying belief-systems of this ideology, and how it has risen so rapidly to dominate all major political, cultural and corporate institutions. He reasons that, to move forward, we need to understand where these new puritans came from and what they hope to achieve. Written in the spirit of optimism and understanding, Doyle offers an eloquent and powerful case for the reinstatement of liberal values and explains why it's important we act now.
  5. By analysing Social Justice in terms of a religious cult, The New Puritans seeks to render its complexities more accessible. Only by understanding the inherently regressive and illiberal nature of this movement might it be effectively resisted.
  6. Andrew Doyle is a writer, broadcaster and satirist whose commentary on political and cultural issues is regularly published in the national press. He is the author of Free Speech and Why It Matters and has also written two satirical books as Titania McGrath - Woke: A Guide to Social Justice and My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism. He is the presenter of Free Speech Nation, a weekly television show on GB News, and was formerly a panelist on the BBC's Moral Maze. He has a doctorate in Renaissance Literature from the University of Oxford where he also worked as a stipendiary lecturer.
    → See Wikipedia: Andrew Doyle (comedian)
  7. Popular highlights in this book:
    • Whereas democracy is founded on the negotiation of diverging viewpoints, ideology is sustained through intolerance of dissent.
    • The very same people who would openly pronounce ‘microaggressions’ and controversial opinions to be forms of ‘violence’ saw no contradiction in redefining vandalism and physical assaults as non-violence.
    • The new puritans, then, are best understood as a clergy for a godless age, presiding over a dreamscape of their own making, rewriting our language, history and traditions as they go along.
  8. Reviews:
    • If future historians were to recommend only one book to help readers understand the "Critical Social Justice" madness that consumed the West in the early twenty-first century, it would be The New Puritans. Written by one of the ideology's most articulate and effective critics, Dr. Andrew Doyle's timeless perspective detailing the ideological takeover of venerable institutions also provides an impassioned defense of liberalism. A must read.
      → Peter Boghossian
    • A sober but devastating skewering of cancel culture and the moral certainties it shares with religious fundamentalism
      → Sunday Times
    • Doyle writes exceptionally well and he backs up his j'accuse with copious illustrations of ideological excess . . . University no-platformers like to say that 'words are violence'. If so, Doyle's are rapiers.
      → Herald
    • This is a serious book about a serious subject - the arrogation of moral purity and cultural orthodoxy by a small but influential posse, and Doyle's anger and disbelief come through on every page.
      → Mail on Sunday, Book of the Week
    • In this lucid, important book, the satirist and commentator Andrew Doyle zeroes in on the religiosity of these movements . . . He is supremely erudite and writes beautifully. Anyone with an interest in contemporary culture and politics should read this book.
      → Matthew d'Ancona ― Tortoise Media
    • This book is a call to arms in an existential battle . . . it's thrilling to be led by such a brilliant commander
      → Spectator
    • Doyle isn't the first author to examine the methods and motivations of woke fanatics, and he won't be the last. However, I doubt whether anyone will do so with more style or generosity of spirit . . .
      → Conservative Woman
    • The New Puritans is a passionate and erudite exposé of the modern-day social-justice movement. With clarity and precision, Doyle exposes its countless flaws and hypocrisies. His book is an essential guide for anyone looking to understand why the culture war has grown so hot.
      → City Journal
    • The New Puritans is a fusillade of uncompromising reason but reason with compassion. Andrew Doyle has written a masterful broadside against the woke that will also discomfit the anti-woke, proposing to both the radical notion that rather than being identities, we embrace our status as individuals.
      → Critic
    • This is a finely written, closely argued book on an alarming and all-pervasive social development. Doyle hopes that it will soon become obsolete - if it doesn't, say farewell to liberal Britain
      → The Times
    • Doyle's study is sprinkled with humour and is analytical and timely. One doesn't have to agree with it fully to recognise he speaks plenty of sense.
      → Irish Examiner
    • Doyle succeeds in doing what few writers have managed: he gives form to that nebulous movement known as woke . . . The New Puritans is a sucker punch of truth rendered in a seductively rhythmic prose
      → Country Squire Magazine
    • The first thing to be said about this book is that Andrew Doyle can write. He writes fluently, with examples, with an amusing sense of irony, and he writes convincingly . . . fine prose, razor sharp wit, and insight
      → European Conservative
    • The New Puritans - thanks to Doyle's academic background - is scholarly and rigorous. He knows a great deal more about the theory he's criticising than most of his opponents
      → Law & Liberty

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Constable (4 May 2023). Paperback.

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