First Class Bridge Academy - Wednesday Afternoon Session

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These pages show Bridgewebs data following the move to Bridgewebs in August 2015. Prior thereto, links are usually to Scorebridge files.

Eventually, the facilities of Bridgewebs itself will be used for ladders, once we’ve decided what we want. For now these ladders, created outside of Bridgewebs, carry on …

Meets at


Barleylands Road,

Billericay CM11 2UD


This weekly session is currently dormant.
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70s Club

The table below shows - in descending date order - those who have scored 70% or more.

Date Partnership %age Results Link
04/02/2015 Anthony Lyndon-Smith & Jean Lyndon-Smith 73 Session Link
26/11/2014 Anthony Lyndon-Smith & Jean Lyndon-Smith 73.02 Session Link
16/07/2014 John Sutcliffe & Richard Register 71.5 Session Link
26/06/2013 Ann Morgan & Keith Seabold 74.17 Session Link
15/05/2013 Brenda Benton & Freda Brown 73.45 Session Link

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