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Table_Name: Aeon_Files
Table_RecordCount: 3983
Table_DateCreated: 27/11/2019 17:24:12
Table_DateChanged: 10/10/2023 13:07:19

Columns for Table: Aeon_Files

  1. WebRef_ID (Integer)
  2. Date_Created (Date/Time)
  3. Video? (Boolean)
  4. Author_Names (Text)
  5. Aeon_Author_Narrative (Memo)
  6. Aeon_Title (Text)
  7. Aeon_SubTitle (Memo)
  8. Aeon_Date_Published (Date/Time)
  9. Aeon_Extract (Memo)
  10. See_Also (Text)
  11. TT_Notes (Memo)
  12. Aeon_Note_ID (Integer)
  13. Identity_Note_ID (Integer)
  14. Paper_ID (Long)
  15. Read? (Boolean)
  16. Exclude? (Boolean)
  17. Priority (Integer)
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