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Table_Name: Auto_Reference_Notes_Actions
Table_RecordCount: 300854
Table_DateCreated: 12/04/2021 11:06:23
Table_DateChanged: 12/04/2021 11:09:44
Table_Connect: ;DATABASE=C:\Theo's Files\Birkbeck\Site_Audits.accdb

Columns for Table: Auto_Reference_Notes_Actions

  1. Note_ID (Integer)
  2. Keyword (Text)
  3. Object_Type (Text)
  4. Object_ID (Long)
  5. Key_Word_Detected (Text)
  6. Key_Word_Offset (Long)
  7. Timestamp (Date/Time)
  8. Already_Linked (Boolean)
  9. Suppressed (Boolean)
  10. Accepted (Boolean)
  11. Ignored (Boolean)
  12. Quoted_Text (Boolean)
  13. Footnote (Boolean)
  14. In_Author (Boolean)
  15. In_HTML_Tag (Boolean)
  16. Cognate_Rejected (Boolean)
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