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Table_Name: BookPaperAbstracts_List
Table_RecordCount: 25744
Table_DateCreated: 13/04/2020 23:54:12
Table_DateChanged: 13/04/2020 23:59:22

Columns for Table: BookPaperAbstracts_List

  1. Book ID (Long)
  2. Paper ID (Long)
  3. Book Author (Text)
  4. Book Title (Text)
  5. Paper Author (Text)
  6. Paper Title (Text)
  7. Source (Text)
  8. Read? (Text)
  9. Further Information (Text)
  10. Book Abstract (Memo)
  11. Book Comments (Memo)
  12. Paper Abstracts (Memo)
  13. Paper Comments (Memo)
  14. Seq (Double)
  15. Book_BlurbLen (Double)
  16. Paper_BlurbLen (Double)
  17. Write_Up_Note_ID (Long)
  18. PseudoBook (Text)
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