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Briefly, an Android is a human-shaped robot with no organic parts but with an appropriate psychology – at least one that passes the Turing test, whether or not it is really conscious. This psychology need not involve phenomenal consciousness – indeed it is one of the problems of philosophy to consider how we could ever know whether or not an android is phenomenally conscious. Could it not be a zombie1? See the entry in Wikipedia (Wikipedia: Android). Compare and contrast with Cyborgs2.

The relevance of Androids to the topic of Personal Identity stems from whether or not Androids would be persons. On the presumption that they might be, then the question arises whether a human person might metamorphose3 into an android by a process of siliconisation4 (and cyborgisation – for the non-psychological elements). On the presumption that an android cannot be identical to a human animal, this TE5 seems to pull apart animal identity and personal identity.

This Note is mostly a place-holder6. See the categorised reading-list below.

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