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At long last I’ve started writing the story of my life. This may sound somewhat Pooterish, if not an impersonation of Adrian Mole. And I can hear in my mind’s ear the sniggers of those who are thinking long these lines. However, maybe it’ll end up more like James Joyce’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, or at least like something by Bill Bryson. I have not consciously followed any of these exemplars.

Moreover, I have some points of justification.

  1. While I’ve not had a particularly eventful life – no lions tamed, rapids shot, honours won – I’ve been involved in a number of interesting or unusual situations.
  2. I’m (training to be) a philosopher and see life’s passage as a whole – indeed all persisting things are, I think, four-dimensional “temporal worms”. I want to review to date the worm that is me to see what I can learn, and how I’d like the tail end to emerge, if it doesn’t already exist. I’ll try to do the philosophising in an unobtrusive manner avoiding tedium and preaching.
  3. I’ve met a lot of interesting people from whom I’ve learnt a lot (though ought to have learnt more).
  4. Unless I am sadly deceived, I have a good memory for events, and a fluid writing style. Or so some have said.
  5. It’ll save the King’s College Cambridge biographer a job.

At this point in time, I haven’t added anything by way of philosophical animadversion. I have a more limited aim at the moment – to get the facts and structure down in as droll a fashion as quickly as possible.

I’m using my patent web-generating technology to develop this part of the site. It’s similar to wikis, but better. Hundreds of pages can be created quickly as note-pads for thoughts to be deposited as soon as they arise and can be hammered into the keyboard. I have a wheeze up my sleeve (if wheezes can find their way up sleeves) whereby items that are too incomplete, likely to cause offence or might result in litigation, or are otherwise too private, can be reserved for ingenious hackers only. Items that I’m happy with will be published to the web, the others remain on my hard drive.

To get to the next exciting installment or expansion of the relevant thought, just click on the word prior to the appropriate superscript. Private notes are indicated by subscripts. If you click on the word prior to one of these you’ll get a standard page with a polite message.

So here goes. The basic structure, in chronological order1.

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