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The world is open to investigation.

  1. That is, it is possible to come to a knowledge of what the world is like, what it contains, what its history has been and what its future is likely to be.
  2. I use the term world1 to refer to all that exists, has existed or will exist, starting from the material universe and extending to spiritual entities, including God, should such exist.
  3. Idealism2 and solipsism are to be rejected.
  4. By saying that the world is open to investigation, I am not suggesting that the world is so perspicuous3 as to be transparent. Patient research is required before the world yields up its secrets.
  5. In saying that the world is open to investigation4, I am not necessarily favouring scientific realism as against constructive empiricism, though I do incline towards the latter.
  6. I do not accept Kant's5 view that the world appears as it does because we are as we are. Ie. that space & time are constructs we place on the world in order to perceive it.
  7. Even though the openness of the world to investigation is an initial premise, it is also an observation of the way the world appears6 to be.
  8. By insisting on this openness, I mean to deny any unavoidable pervasive error7 in the way we perceive the world to be. I deny systematic deception, whether as a result of any distorting influence of our own senses or resulting from any ultramundane entity.
  9. Because the world is open to investigation, divine special revelation8 is not essential for mankind to come to an understanding of its general laws.
  10. In summary, I assert that the world is perspicuous according to the following criteria9.
  11. However, I agree that our knowledge of the world is limited by such criteria and cautionary maxims10 as those below.

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