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Truth is related to simplicity.

  1. That is, the simpler1 & more economical the set of fundamental postulates of any theory, the more likely the theory is to be true, other things being equal.
  2. Entities should not be multiplied without good reason (Occam's Razor2). That is, if there is no good evidence for believing in a proposed entity's existence, we should delete it from the list of entities whose existence we posit.
  3. Elegance3 is a necessary but insufficient criterion for truth.
  4. Why is a lack of presuppositional simplicity a problem4? My answer to this question is that the whole aim of our analysis of experience is to explain the complex and chaotic in terms of simples. Each ad hoc addition to a system to prop it up against objections is an admission of failure. It may be the best we can manage for the time being, but it is far from being satisfactory.

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