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It is important for our beliefs to be true, especially if we intend to pass them on to others.

  1. That is, it is of the greatest importance to attempt to determine, and found one's life on, a belief-set1 that has the highest probability of being true.
  2. Any world view should not be held to the more strongly merely because the consequences2 of doing so (or not doing so) are great.
  3. In coming to a decision as to which world view we should adopt, however, the significance of the claims of any particular world view may influence us in one respect. They may influence the amount of our (limited) time that we are willing to spend on its investigation3, in so far as these claims are not patently ridiculous.
  4. The logical reasons (rather than the emotional reasons) for retaining4 a belief (eg. in Christianity) need to be stronger than those for its initial acceptance.
  5. One cannot be said to believe meaningfully in doctrines of which one is ignorant or which are as yet merely implicit5 consequences of initial premises.
  6. People may hold religious or surrogate-religious beliefs for reasons other than rational6 ones based on experience interpreted by reason.
  7. The common emphasis of the "what" of belief rather than the "why" or "how" is to be regretted, as are the modern ecumenical attempts to assemble groups around the fact of belief, no matter in what, in contrast to a secular world that supposedly does not believe in anything.
  8. If we found our lives on myths, and take these myths seriously as though they were facts, we will most probably misdirect our conduct and that of others.
  9. Coming to understand the world as it is is one of the chief joys and privileges of life. This privilege is easily cast away.
  10. Before attempting to pass on a belief to others7, we ought ourselves to be all the more convinced of its truth.

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