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Christianity is a public statement about the world, not merely a private religion.

  1. The above proposition is not a definition of Christianity, but a description of one important aspect of its self-understanding1. Because the popular image of Christianity falls woefully short of what Christianity claims to be, and because there is even considerable debate on this issue within the churches, it is necessary in this paper to point out some of Christianity's claims.
  2. Christianity claims to be more than a private religion. It claims, amongst other things, to be a complete explanation of the purpose & progress of the world throughout time & eternity, at least in so far as it concerns human beings.
  3. To be publicly recommendable as of practical2 utility and not merely as of philosophical interest, Christianity, apart from being a correct description of the world, needs to be of value in the ordering of practical life, and so it understands itself to be.
  4. Before we can evaluate Christianity, we must first of all decide what Christianity is3.
  5. The fundamentals that are essential parts of any minimal reconstruction of Christianity are given below4. Without these, Christianity would be so denuded of content as to have little of great significance to say.

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