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The claims of Christianity are based on historical experience.

  1. It should be noted first of all that the propositions of Christianity, as of any other world view, should be believed in, if at all, based on knowledge. I shall seek to demonstrate that historical knowledge1 is the only reliable source of Christian knowledge. I shall then consider whether this knowledge is sufficient to establish Christianity's claims.
  2. Reason is relevant to Christian belief because any system of beliefs must be internally consistent2 to be true.
  3. As has been demonstrated, no substantive statement about the world can be known based on reason alone, but only on experience3 interpreted by reason. This fact applies equally to the statements of Christianity.
  4. The experience4 forming the basis of Christian belief may be either personal or received at second (or more remote) hand from others who have had personal experiences.
  5. Personal5 experience is therefore seen to be the basis of Christian belief.
  6. There are no personal experiences available today6 that would form the basis of a reasonable belief in Christianity.
  7. The experiences on which Christianity is founded are of a historical7 nature.
  8. The above may not be taken to imply that present day Christian experience is unimportant8. It is clearly central to a normal Christian life. What I am suggesting is that these experiences cannot bear the weight that some might like to place upon them. These experiences are insufficiently certain to form the basis of belief.
  9. The above contention, that Christianity is based on historic, not present experience, requires an explanation as to why the situation of today differs9 from that of certain other historical epochs.

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