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The Bible is the most reliable record of the historical events on which Christianity is founded.

  1. As we have seen, the availability of historical experiences for contemporary belief is dependent on a reliable account of them being recorded and preserved.
  2. All branches of Christianity agree that the record of experiences in the Bible (the Old and especially the New Testaments) forms the main1 basis for deciding what Christianity is and what is to be believed.
  3. Certain branches of Christianity also claim that further reliable historical information is available in the extra2-Biblical traditions.
  4. These same branches of Christianity also claim that Scripture cannot be privately3 interpreted, but only within the tradition of the Church.
  5. The precise contents of the Canon4 of Scripture are not taken as being critical to the current enquiry.
  6. We may take the Bible, therefore, as traditionally configured, to be the most5 reliable source for the propositions of Christianity.

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