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Biblical claims are to be validated in the same way as any other claims related to matters of fact.

  1. That is, the Bible cannot be assumed to enjoy any special1 status that removes it from the realm of criticism.
  2. The Bible may therefore not (and therefore should not) simply be assumed to be infallible (or "inerrant" or whatever stronger term is required) without arguments justified externally2 from the Bible. We believe the Bible to be inerrant (if we do) for reasons outside the Bible.
  3. Since the Bible is an observable fact of the world, its character cannot be deduced a priori but is to be determined experimentally3, ie. by analysis of the text in relation to itself and our other knowledge of the world.
  4. Because the evidence of our own eyes is more certain than the evidence for the inerrancy of Scripture, it would not make sense to say that our perception4 of the world as a physical system is fundamentally mistaken simply on the evidence (real or supposed) of the Bible.
  5. The Bible should not unnecessarily be brought into conflict5 with the rest of our knowledge of the world. However, if it does come into conflict, we cannot simply prescribe that the Bible is correct. There may be situations in which it is more conscientious to admit that the Bible, taken at face value and without forced interpretation, is incorrect.

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