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There are problems with the Biblical model of the world & its history.

  1. To be credible, Christianity must be consistent (within certain limits) with the rest of our knowledge of the world. Where it is not apparently consistent, it must have good reasons for not appearing to be so.
  2. We may approach the ironing out of these inconsistencies either by showing that they are only apparent or by demonstrating that one (or both) of the opposing viewpoints does not represent knowledge but only opinion.
  3. Prima facie, being founded on remote, extraordinary1 events counts against a system. The sort of dubious events I have in mind are unrepeatable events not explicable within the nexus of normal scientific law. Again prima facie, the more extraordinary the alleged events on which a system is founded, the less likely it is to be true.
  4. Since Christianity is a historically2-based religion, it is essential that the historical events that undergird it can find a place within the historical framework constructed from other sources.
  5. The Bible does not seem to have a Cosmology3 that is consistent with reasonable observation. It seems to adopt a three tiered geocentric view of the universe, with heaven "up there" in the sky and hell (gehenna, ie. the abode of the dead) "down there" under the earth.
  6. At least one aspect of Biblical psychology4 agrees well with our (or at least my) experience. This is its analysis of man as one who fails to live up to what he might be, and feels he ought to be. In Biblical language, "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God".
  7. The main problem with Biblical ontology5 is its postulation of spiritual entities such as angels, demons, Satan, spirits, heaven & hell. Such entities do not seem to have any place in the physical universe (though some have attempted to locate heaven!) and are not normally, if at all, observable.
  8. The Biblical cosmogony6 (theory of origins) appears to be one of recent creation ex nihilo.
  9. New Testament teleology7 does not seem to be credible within the modern world view.
  10. The passages in the Bible that the common man would find morally8 repugnant are mainly associated with the earlier parts of the Old Testament (eg. the Israelite invasion of Canaan & the divine command to massacre the Canaanites, as recorded in the Book of Joshua).
  11. The problems with the Biblical world view that have not already been covered above are mainly associated with the miraculous9, in that contemporary so-called miraculous happenings are almost universally considered to be dubious.

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