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Christian Tractatus

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A worthwhile reconstruction of Christianity, in conformity with the modern worldview, has not been demonstrated to be possible.

  1. 16.1 If it becomes apparent that a religious system is no longer congruent with a dispassionate view of the world, it does not make sense to attempt to save it at all costs1, eg. by warping its basic principles to make it fit into the modern world view.
  2. It may be possible to modify2 the interpretation of some or all of the perceived statements of a religion to make them congruent with the modern world view.
  3. The attempts hitherto to provide a reconstruction of Christianity based on liberal principles have not been successful and have emptied the churches.
  4. If the arguments and observations in this paper are correct, fundamentalist Christianity, based on an inerrant Bible, is capable neither of complete internal cohesion nor of synthesis with what is normally taken to be a common sense view of the world.
  5. The fact that fundamentalist Christianity is filling3 the churches is a symptom of despair.
  6. Some have tried to jettison the "supernatural elements" of Christianity while seeking to retain its moral4 code. As we have noticed elsewhere, though there is clearly a great deal of value in Christian morality, its motivation, and a number of specific moral values, depend on its theistic infrastructure.
  7. Despite the arguments presented in this paper, it may be the case that the fundamentals of Christianity are not so completely irreparable that a reconstruction cannot be undertaken. However, this task is far from straightforward. In particular, pretending that no problem exists will not lead to its solution.
  8. I cannot see how a reconstruction of Christianity can be achieved without fundamentally changing at least the form in which the cosmic problems and Christian solutions are expressed. Since this would involve denying the grounds and intentions of orthodox Christian belief, it will not be popular with Christians. Hence, the retreat to fundamentalism, which denies the existence of the problem.

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