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  1. My intention in this website is to make clear which text I have written myself, and which has been written by others.
  2. In principle, text written by myself is either blue or black, and that written by others is in this colour.
  3. Unfortunately, this convention came along fairly late in the day, and the site-generator assumes that the convention is followed correctly when in practice it has not been (though I am in the process of tidying-up the data).
  4. Until I have completed this clean-up exercise, some text will claim to be by me when in fact it has been copied from elsewhere. Hopefully, it will be clear where this is the case; there has been no attempt to plagiarise the work of others.
  5. I have a page of suspicious Papers, namely:-
  6. I ought also to admit that I have taken various brief descriptions from Amazon without marking the text as other than (eg.) Amazon Customer Review, ie. without saying which customer. I have adopted this procedure partly because often the customer is not self-identified, and otherwise is usually unknown to the academic community. The reader can look up the originator if interested.
  7. In such cases, I have often taken the liberty of correcting the grammar and spelling of the original source.
  8. The reason for this strange procedure – in copying often very poor quality Amazon material – is to provide at least some content for each object on my database pending opportunity for me to write reviews and appraisals myself.
  9. I have also taken the opportunity to reformat quoted text to make it easier to read on-line: in particular by adding numbered and un-numbered bullets.
  10. Many book and paper abstracts are now of unknown provenance, is I created them a decade ago. Since the bulk of them were taken from The Philosopher’s Index (The Philosopher’s Index) when I had access to it, this is the default title, but might not always be accurate.

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