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  1. The reading-list for my Thesis is already too long to manage, but – I have no doubt – new material will always be coming up that I ought to be aware of.
  2. So, I ought also to keep up to date with what’s going on in other areas of Analytic Philosophy, not to mention recent work relevant to my thesis.
  3. This Note lists all the journals to which I have access. It’s not practical to review them all, but if I come across a reference in another paper that I want to follow up, this will provide a quick check as to whether I can get it.
  4. As a Cambridge Alumnus, I have access to JSTOR and thereby to most of the philosophical journals. The access to the text is not up-to-date, but I ought – at least for the most important journals – to inculcate a discipline to:-
    • Check the TOCs of the most recent issues, and mark them for future interrogation, and
    • Check the most recent issues with content, and briefly review what’s there, downloading where it looks useful.
  5. Cambridge has recently opened up Cambridge Core to alumni:-
    • This allows up-to-date access to 18 philosophy journals2 (Cambridge Core: Philosophy), including those listed below.
    • There are also a great number of books available for download. I need to avoid distraction, but if there’s a book by CUP I need, and it’s here, then it’s a good place to go! Unfortunately, not all philosophy books published by CUP are available for free.
    • I need to adopt the same discipline as for JSTOR.
  6. Cambridge also allows access to SAGE Journals. Checking out the Philosophy journals (SAGE: Philosophy) reveals slim pickings.
  7. Finally3, there’s Project Muse. Not very much of interest.
  8. I also note Sci-Hub (Wikipedia: Sci-Hub, Sci-Hub (Defunct)). It’s illegal, and also asks you to install an App. Not sure I like the Russian connection. It’d be interesting to know what the coverage is ... presumably it’ll (try to) get any academic paper on any subject. I’ll only take a look if desperate (not very likely).

Relevant Cambridge Core, Sage & Project Muse Journals4
  1. Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (1963 to date)
  2. Diogenes (1953-2015)
  3. Episteme (2004 to date)
  4. Hastings Center Report (2005-11)
  5. Hume Studies (Complete)
  6. Journal of the American Philosophical Association (2015 to date)
  7. Journal of the History of Philosophy (Complete)
  8. Philosophy (1926 to date)
  9. Philosophy and Literature (Complete)
  10. Philosophy East and West (2000 to date)
  11. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology (Complete)
  12. Religious Studies (1966 to date)
  13. Review of Symbolic Logic (2008 to date)
  14. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements (1968 to date)
  15. Think (2003 to date)
  16. Utilitas (1989 to date)

Relevant JSTOR Journals5
  1. JSTOR: American Journal of Theology & Philosophy (1980–2018)
  2. JSTOR: American Philosophical Quarterly (1964-2015)
  3. JSTOR: Analysis (1933-2013)
  4. JSTOR: Behavior and Philosophy (1972-2014)
  5. JSTOR: British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (1950-2013)
  6. JSTOR: Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (1995–2018)
  7. JSTOR: Canadian Journal of Philosophy (1971-2013)
  8. JSTOR: Dialectica (1947–2013)
  9. JSTOR: Erkenntnis (1930-2015)
  10. JSTOR: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (1998-2015)
  11. JSTOR: Ethics (1890–2015)
  12. JSTOR: History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (1979-2015)
  13. JSTOR: History of Philosophy Quarterly (1984-2015)
  14. JSTOR: HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (2011-2015)
  15. JSTOR: Human Studies (1978-2015)
  16. JSTOR: Hypatia (1986-2013)
  17. JSTOR: International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (1970-2015)
  18. JSTOR: Journal for General Philosophy of Science (1990-2015)
  19. JSTOR: Journal of Animal Ethics (2011-2018)
  20. JSTOR: Journal of Applied Philosophy (1984-2013)
  21. JSTOR: Journal of Ethics (1997-2015)
  22. JSTOR: Journal of Philosophical Logic (1972-2015)
  23. JSTOR: Journal of Philosophy (1921-2013)
  24. JSTOR: Journal of Religious Ethics (1973-2013)
  25. JSTOR: Journal of Speculative Philosophy (1867-2018)
  26. JSTOR: Journal of Symbolic Logic (1936-2014)
  27. JSTOR: Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (1975-2016)
  28. JSTOR: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (1939-2015)
  29. JSTOR: Journal of Thought (1966-2017)
  30. JSTOR: Law and Philosophy (1982-2015)
  31. JSTOR: Linguistics and Philosophy (1977-2015)
  32. JSTOR: Metaphilosophy (1970 - 2013)
  33. JSTOR: Mind (1876-2013)
  34. JSTOR: Monist (1890-2015)
  35. JSTOR: New Atlantis (2003-2018)
  36. JSTOR: Noûs (1967-2013)
  37. JSTOR: Philosophia Reformata (1936-2015)
  38. JSTOR: Philosophical Issues (1991-2013)
  39. JSTOR: Philosophical Perspectives (1987-2013)
  40. JSTOR: Philosophical Quarterly (1950-2013)
  41. JSTOR: Philosophical Review (1892-2015)
  42. JSTOR: Philosophical Studies (1950-2015)
  43. JSTOR: Philosophical Topics (1981-2018)
  44. JSTOR: Philosophy (1931-2013)
  45. JSTOR: Philosophy and Phenomenal Research (1940-2013)
  46. JSTOR: Philosophy & Public Affairs (1971-2013)
  47. JSTOR: Philosophy & Rhetoric (1968-2018)
  48. JSTOR: Philosophy East and West (1951-2015)
  49. JSTOR: Philosophy of Science (1934-2015)
  50. JSTOR: Phronesis (1955-2015)
  51. JSTOR: Pluralist (2006-2018)
  52. JSTOR: Personalist Forum (1985-1999)
  53. JSTOR: Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association (1927-2015)
  54. JSTOR: Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (1887-2013)
  55. JSTOR: Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: Supplementary Volumes (1918-2013)
  56. JSTOR: Process Studies (1971-2018)
  57. JSTOR: Religious Studies (1965-2013)
  58. JSTOR: Review of Metaphysics (1947-2015)
  59. JSTOR: Synthese (1936-2015)
  60. JSTOR: Studia Logica: An International Journal for Symbolic Logic (1953-2015)
  61. JSTOR: Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society (1965-2018)
  62. JSTOR: Vivarium (1963-2015)

In-Page Footnotes:

Footnote 1: Footnote 2: And journals in many other areas of interest!

Footnote 3: More resources are being added all the time; I’ve ignored what seems irrelevant.

Footnote 4: The available issues are usually more recent than those on JSTOR.

Footnote 5:

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