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Personal Identity - Thesis - Chapter 07 (The Constitution View and Arguments for It)


Research Methodology

Links to Notes
  1. Baker,
  2. Constitution View,
    First-Person Perspective,
  3. Mereology,
    Dion and Theon,
  4. Others to be supplied?

Chapter Introduction
  1. Baker’s account of constitution is not the standard mereological account, of some larger body being constituted by its parts, but is her own idea that requires explication.
  2. Baker also has a commitment to PERSONs being substances in their own right, rather than being an honorific title applied to substances that at other times might not deserve the honorific.
  3. She also reifies a useful idea – that of a First-person Perspective. It is the FPP that individuates persons, according to Baker, so the FPP requires explanation as well.
  4. Further text to be supplied.

Main Text
  1. To be supplied.

Concluding Remarks
  1. Having now discussed both Animalism and the Constitution View, we can now in our next Chapter turn to the arguments against these views, starting with those against Animalism.
  2. This is work in progress.

Links to Books / Papers to be Addressed14
  1. In this Chapter I will consider the following papers or book chapters (together with some others referenced by these). There are doubtless many more that are relevant and which will be addressed in the course of the thesis, but these are probably sufficient to get us going.
  2. I’ve not been overly careful to segregate the reading-list of this Chapter from that of Chapter 9. I will address the segregation in due course. There will, in any case, be some overlap.
  3. Baker
  4. Constitution
  5. Mereology16
  6. Co-Location17
  7. First-Person Perspectives
  8. Constitution View
  9. Many aspects of these papers will need to be either ignored or reserved for other chapters.
  10. The motivation for these works is as follows:-
    • To be supplied.

The Cut
  1. There had already been a lot of cutting in the various selections of the original reading list – the reading lists attached to the Notes run on and on – and these items just represent the works in my possession (though I have sought out all that I’ve heard of that look relevant).
  2. However, the items in the lists following were given some attention, and have been culled – at least temporarily – from the lists above, where they originally appeared. I’ve not always given a reason as I’ve not studied them sufficiently closely. But, you have to draw a line somewhere.
  3. I’m well aware that the cut has not been sufficiently rigorous. Further items beyond the items below are likely to be culled when I come to process them.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 14:
  • See the section on Research Methodology for what is to be done with these.
  • The author’s surname is repeated in the text to make it easier for me to see what’s going on in the encoded text I work on.
Footnote 16: While Baker’s understanding of constitution is distinct from a mereological one, it is necessary to understand mereology.

Footnote 17: I’m not sure whether this section belongs here, but it must go somewhere!

Footnote 18: This may properly belong to one of the Chapters on Animalism.

Footnote 19: This Chapter has rather more to do with distributive ethics than personal identity or the FPP.

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