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I returned to bridge in December 2007 after a long lay-off (effectively from my Cambridge days, then 30 years ago). I have been playing with some enthusiasm but rather mixed results at a number of the clubs in the table below, and have been exploring the weekend tournament scene. Since the end of 2014 I've been mostly enjoying a rest. Follow this link for a bit more background.

Butler IMP & Cross-IMP Scored Results

I've written a suite of programs to calculate Partnership results in Teams tournaments, using either Butler IMPs or Cross-IMPs (the latter as advised by the EBU to be used for the NGS). It currently extracts data (via screen-scraping) from Bridgewebs, and (in two instances) Butler Pairs (Jeff Smith format). It's in prototype form.

Ray Cornell (Helliar Trophy) Feb 2014 Essex Mixed Teams May 2014 Kent GP Swiss Teams May 2014
Essex/Herts GP Swiss Teams July 2014 Essex Fletcher Sept 2014 Essex Club Trophy Sept 2014
Essex/Herts GP Swiss Teams Sept 2014 Felixstowe GP Swiss Teams Oct 2014 Mountnessing Butler Pairs Oct 2014
Essex Tony Kelvin Teams Nov 2014 Mountnessing Butler Pairs Dec 2014 Chelmsford Autumn Teams December 2014
Woodham Ferrers Swiss Teams January 2015 Ray Cornell (Helliar Trophy) Feb 2015 Essex Mixed Teams May 2015
Collier Row Open Teams May 2015 Essex/Herts GP Swiss Teams July 2015 Essex/Herts GP Swiss Teams September 2015
George Curtis BP Swiss Teams Oct 2015 Felixstowe GP Swiss Teams Oct 2015 Essex Fletcher Oct 2015
Essex Club Trophy Oct 2015 Bernie Butler Pairs Oct 2015 Bernie Butler Pairs Nov 2015
Essex Tony Kelvin Teams Nov 2015    

Counting the Hands

Someone said that one "really arrives" as a bridge-player when one fully counts the hand. That is, keeps track of the points and distribution in all 4 hands, both by making inferences from the bidding and play, as well as keeping track of what's gone on in the play of the hand thus far. I find counting difficult - particularly distribution. I'd like to find an on-line application to help me practice this skill. There are a couple featuring Mike Lawrence, which look promising. Links to some material I've found on-line appears in the table below.

The Subtle Joy of Counting (Robert Frick) Counting Distribution (Howard Schutzman) Developing Counting Skills (Karen Walker)
Count, Count, Count (Tom Kniest) The One That Got Away (Bill Doroshow) CD - Counting at Bridge (Mike Lawrence)
Danny’s Musings and the Joy of Counting in Bridge Memory Systems at Bridge Bridge Winners Counting Games


Below is a table of Bridge clubs in the neighbourhood of Billericay, Essex with ready access to recent results. The left-hand column provides links to small - and currently unofficial - websites that I have created using my own routines, which contain the results files (usually for the last 2-3 years) and Individual and Partnership ladders for the same period. The next column links to the official websites for these clubs, where they have one. The "latest results" column provides links directly to the latest results, and indicates when the clubs meet, and the right-hand column gives my opinionated assessment of the standard of the clubs, which errs on the side of not over-egging and frightening inexperienced or otherwise non-expert players away.

Club + Data Repository Official Website Latest Results Standard
Monday Club Adopted Monday Afternoon Intermediate.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Monday Evening Introductory - Intermediate.
Pilgrim Bridge Club Pilgrim Bridge Club Monday Evening Introductory.
Hutton Hutton Bridge Club Monday Evening Intermediate.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Tuesday Afternoon Elementary. No Fear.
Ann Owen Bridge Club None Tuesday Afternoon Introductory.
Mayflower Bridge Club Adopted Tuesday Evening Intermediate.
Apple None Wednesday Morning Introductory.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Wednesday Afternoon Introductory - Intermediate.
St. Edith's None Wednesday Evening Intermediate.
Jubilee Club None Wednesday Evening Introductory.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Thursday Morning Elementary. No Fear.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Thursday Evening Elementary.
Mountnessing (Official Archive) Mountnessing Thursday Evening Intermediate - Strong.
Hutton Union None Friday Afternoon Intermediate.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Friday Evening Intermediate - Strong.
First Class Bridge Academy First Class Bridge Academy Saturday Morning Elementary. No Fear.

Follow this Link for a stand-alone page with the above table.


Partners and I have drawn up various Benjaminised Acol convention cards, of varying degrees of sophistication. They appear in both MS Word and PDF formats. Follow the links below.


I also play an artificial Strong Diamond system with one partner:-


I also play a 5-card Majors / Strong NT system with two partners:-

MH CC (MS Word) RC CC (MS Word)

Finally, I play a very basic Standard Acol system on rare occasions with one partner:-

RB (MS Word) RB (PDF)


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Essex Contract Bridge Association English Bridge Union London Bridge Centre (Bridge Magazine)
Maureen's Essex Results Site Young Chelsea Bridge Club Great Bridge Links
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