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This page gathers together the papers that I wrote prior to taking up the formal study of philosophy (ie. prior to 2001) on subjects that interested me and on which I would still welcome discussion.

1. Herewith my philosophical thoughts on the validity of Christianity. It hails from 1991, which is a long time before I received any formal philosophical training, so I expect I'd cringe at a lot of it now. Here's the link to the original version. I have the intention of updating it to reflect my current views. The document is rather pompously entitled Tractatus Christianus as its format is modeled on a well-known (and, of course, infinitely superior) work by Ludwig Wittgenstein. So as not to deceive the unwary, this evaluation is reluctantly negative. I am not a scoffer, so the evaluation is a serious one. However, I cannot see how Christianity or any other religious system can be made to work without either intellectual compromise or denuding the religious system of content. I would value the thoughts of anyone with anything significant to say on the subject of the truth or falsity of religious systems, but I'd appreciate it if such persons at least browsed through my Tractatus first to save time in unnecessary preliminary skirmishes and so we can get quickly to the nub of the matter. I can be contacted by email at

The links opposite are to a re-engineered version using my new technology. The top link is to the hyperlinked version, and those below are to the printable versions at various depths of footnoting. This is the version I'll take forward. Conversion is now complete, but I've not yet had the opportunity to review the content.

The Jump Table to the various sub-topics shows that the organisation of the contents is currently rather a mess.
Tractatus Christianus (New)
2. This set of documents relates to a newsletter Commensal I edited between 1997 and 2001 in my capacity as secretary of the Philosophical Discussion Group of British Mensa (Mensa). Most of these have now been converted to HTML for you to browse through, with hyperlinks to aid following arguments through from issue to issue and indexes by subject and author. The only reason I leave the links here is that I put a lot of effort into the Group, and it's useful for me to have them easily available. Commensal
3. If you want to see the way I used to write and think before my departure from the ranks of the fundamentalists, please see my Open Bible Trust (OBT) page. This page contains those papers written while I was actively involved with the Open Bible Trust (OBT) - and which, though I would not write them this way today, I believe still to be of value. OBT
4. Herewith a complete list of my papers prior to my undertaking formal study of philosophy (ie. prior to 2001). Full_List_Papers1

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