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This page has a tendency to get out of date, so any ages and information herein have to be co-ordinated with the latest-change date, which (whatever might be said above) is end-May 2019.

  1. Human Family:
    • I've been happily married to Julie since October 1979. Julie retired at the end of 2017 from her role as an Occupational Therapist at Southend Hospital (Southend University Hospital ( helping to rehabilitate amputees but remains a mainstay and Church Warden of St. John the Divine, Outwood Common, Billericay (
    • We have three children. They are all grown up now, and are no longer keen on me advertising their activities. However, they are:-
      1. Becky: has been married to Tim since July 2016. They live in Coggeshall, Essex (Coggeshall Parish Council (, and their first child – Tommy – was born in early February 2018. Becky works full-time for Samaritan’s Purse ( in Buckhurst Hill1, and Tim works for the Environment Agency (
      2. Naomi: is married to Leandro and lives in Clapham, London, and works for the Central YMCA (
      3. Nathaniel: Works as a software developer for a small private company based in Good Easter, near Chelmsford. He has achieved his dream of being allowed to work remotely. He works from the Far East – so far Thailand, but his next trip is planned to be Vietnam. He returns home every few months and works remotely from here!
    • This could go on and on, but …
      1. I have a slightly-younger brother – Julian – who lives in Gloucester, and a much younger sister – Victoria – who lives in Weston-Super-Mare.
      2. Julie has two older brothers: Chris, who lives in London, and Stephen in Ipswich.
      3. All our parents are now deceased, but I have an aunt2 Pat in Worcestershire, and Julie has an uncle John in Ipswich.
    • Anyone wanting to know what (some of) these fine specimens of humanity look like (or looked like - the photos are at least 9 years old – I need to get this page sorted out) can follow the Photos Link, though you'll have to encounter a few old photos of me first.
  2. Non-Human Family:
    • Some 10 years ago we acquired a cat from Becky. His name is Mouse and is aged 13, or thereabouts. Like the French cat Brexit, he doesn’t know whether he wants to be in or out.
    • We have more recently acquired a dog – a Tibetan Terrier ( named Henry – from the same daughter. He’s 7 or so now. He doesn’t perform any tricks, but looks very wise, though Naomi thinks he’s only thinking about sausages.
    • We once had a small flock of flightless ducks on our pond, but sadly they are no more4.
    • The old floating duck-house has only been occupied by moorhens – we’ve had up to 8 of them at any one time – but they are wild birds and they come and go. The chicks are very sweet, and there are usually two batches of half-a-dozen or so each year. Given that the world isn’t over-run by moorhens, necessarily few of the chicks survive. My suspicion is that the local corvids – crows and magpies – find them to be a tasty snack.
    • We’ve just taken delivery of a new and much larger floating duck-house which we hope the migrant mallards might take up home in from time to time.
    • We’ve had 9 chickens, at the last count, though all but two are no more, having fallen prey either to old age or the local fox. The current pair – Venus and Serena – are Bantams, so are small enough to be confined full-time to their Eglu Classic Chicken Coop (
    • I'm interested in our pets’ cognitive capacities, and enjoy taking Henry for walkies. They count as members of the family.
    • For photos of the pets, together with some of the house, follow this Link.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 1:
  • Becky has very understanding employers: she works in the office three days a week – otherwise at her or our home.
  • Tommy is at the Nursery for two of Becky’s “office” days and Tim works from home the other day and somehow manages to look after Tommy as well.
  • Julie helps with the child-care the two days a week when Becky works from home – one day in Billericay and one in Coggeshall.
Footnote 2:
  • I also have an uncle John somewhere in the West Country, but my mother disowned him and I’ve not seen him since I was tiny.
Footnote 4: Ducks:
  • We acquired a couple of Indian Runner ducks from a neighbour; names Dillon and Marley. Two Bobs, though one turned out to be female and got eaten by the fox.
  • We also acquired from another neighbour a second pair – a male Appleyard and a female Peking – which had had their wings clipped. The Peking sadly got consumed by the fox soon after arrival.
  • The residual pair of male ducks were inseparable, and the Appleyard had lost his green patina. Sadly, the fox eventually got to them as well.

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