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  1. Human Family:
    • I've been happily married to Julie since October 1979. Julie still works 2 days a week as an Occupational Therapist at Southend Hospital (Web Link ( helping to rehabilitate amputees and is a mainstay of St. John’s Church, Billericay (Web Link (
    • We have three children. They are all grown up now, and are no longer keen on me advertising their activities. However, they are:-
      1. Becky: who has returned home, but is scheduled to marry her boyfriend, Tim, in July 2016. She works for Samaritan’s Purse in Buckhurst Hill (Web Link (
      2. Naomi: is married to Leandro and lives and works in London.
      3. Nathaniel: is currently building bridges in Australia.
    • Anyone wanting to know what these fine specimens of humanity look like (or looked like - the photos are at least 5 years old) can follow the Photos Link, though you'll have to encounter a few photos of me first.
  2. Non-Human Family:
    • Some 6 years ago we acquired a cat from Becky. His name is Mouse and is aged 9.
    • We have more recently acquired a dog - a Tibetan Terrier named Henry - from the same daughter. He’s nearly 4.
    • We’ve acquired a couple of Indian Runner ducks from a neighbour; names Dillon and Marley. Two Bobs, though one is female.
    • We’ve had 6 chickens, but all are no more, having fallen prey either to old age or the local fox.
    • I'm interested in our pets’ cognitive capacities, and enjoy taking Henry for walkies. They count as members of the family.
    • For photos of the pets, together with some of the house, follow this_Link.

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