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  1. For an attempt to describe my Odyssey from
    • retreats at Ampleforth, to
    • postulancy at Parkminster, to
    • Bible study at the Chapel of the Opened Book, to
    • writing for the Open Bible Trust, to
    • fellowship at the FIEC, and finally to
    • the fizzling out of my Christian faith at the CoE in Billericay
    → follow the links in this Note (which arose from a friend asking me to explain these matters).
  2. I attempted an MA in Philosophy and Religion at Heythrop2 during the final term of 2010, but only completed the module on Philosophy of Religion. This link gives my Plan, at the time.
  3. For not-so-current controversies, see the Blog.
  4. For the latest status report on my activities in this area, follow this link.
  5. Links:-
    • For Ampleforth, see Link (
    • For Parkminster see the Carthusian link.
    • For the Chapel of the Opened Book (Link ( and the Berean Forward Movement (Link (, see also the Charles Welch site (Link (, there may be others).
    • For the Open Bible Trust (OBT ( see OBT.
    • For the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), see Link (
    • For the fizzling, see my Tractatus (for the original version, follow this link).

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Footnote 2:
  • It seems that Heythrop is – finally – close in October 2018.
  • See the Statement from the final Principal (Link (

Note last updated: 31/08/2017 19:35:02

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