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Kripke - Naming and Necessity - Lecture II

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I wrote a detailed review and analysis of the whole book – "Kripke (Saul) - Naming and Necessity" – when an undergraduate at Birkbeck. This document is still in a single pdf (see this link). However, I intend to break it out into individual Notes by Section. The “sectioning” is not Kripke’s, but relates to my analysis in the above document.
This note will relate to "Kripke (Saul) - Naming and Necessity: Lecture II".

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Kripke - Naming and Necessity        

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References & Reading List

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Kripke (Saul) Naming and Necessity Book - Cited High Quality Abstract Kripke (Saul) - Naming and Necessity Yes
Kripke (Saul) Naming and Necessity: Lecture II Paper - Cited High Quality Abstract Kripke - Naming and Necessity, 1980, Chapter 2 Yes

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