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Wittgenstein - Bodily Sensations

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This note provides my detailed review of "Wittgenstein (Ludwig) - Bodily Sensations", a passage from the Blue & Brown Books (pp. 48 – 57) set in Philosophy of Mind at Birkbeck during my second-year BA, written as preparation for an essay1.

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Footnote 2: Wittgenstein denies that he’s trying to distinguish different kinds of object.

Footnote 3: Wittgenstein inserts this remark in brackets without explanation.

Footnote 4: I’m not sure this is true, but the difference between physical and logical possibility is important.

Footnote 5: The case of Siamese twins would be a better example.

Footnote 6: This analysis doesn’t sound quite right – true, we don’t think certain expressions are grammatically correct, but this is because we think there is a conflict with the metaphysics of what is expressed. Or is it even the grammar that we object to rather than, say, a category mistake.

Footnote 7: What’s wrong with this argument?

Footnote 8: This isn’t to be confused with the logical impossibility of three people sitting next to one another.

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