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Personal Identity


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Footnote 1: Footnote 11: I can’t get into this in any detail.

Footnote 13: Footnote 14: Footnote 15: The list is rather long, and will need pruning when I get down to this topic.

Footnote 16: See "Block (Ned) - The Computer Model of the Mind" for a shorter version.

Footnote 17: See "Sanford (David H.) - Where Was I?" for a follow-up (with a commentary by Dennett).

Footnote 18: This paper no doubt considers the use of computers for simulating situations other than minds, so might not be directly relevant.

Footnote 19: "Gelernter (David) - Mirror Worlds" is more a prediction of the internet, and is probably (even) less relevant.

Footnote 20: This seems somewhat tangential, as it’s not focused on simulating persons, but it might be useful background.

Footnote 21: Footnote 22: See also "Searle (John) - Is the Brain's Mind a Computer Program? MIT Comments".

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