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Summary of Progress (2007 - September 201815)
  1. Catalogued and categorised my Chess Book Collection.
  2. Started reading sundry of the above, and investigated various on-line material (Fritz, Rybka, Chess Mentor, etc) before contacting The London Chess Centre.
  3. Completed two runs through of "Martin (Andrew) - The Basics of Winning Chess".
  4. Installed "Aagaard (Jacob) - Basic Positional Ideas". Study commenced.
  5. Installed Chessmaster – Grandmaster Edition, but haven’t really got to grips with it yet.
  6. Occasional practice on my ancient Mephisto Monte Carlo16.
  7. Subscribed to "Chess - Chess Magazine", and skimmed most editions from March 2009 onwards. I’ve tended to focus more on the news than on the chess!
  8. Took out Diamond Membership of
  9. Joined Billericay Chess Club.

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