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Coxes Farm (Pre-Repairs)

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2016 - September

  • The 'wonky wall' - that juts out to the side of the house, to the side of the dining room and supports the 'wonky room' (the spare bedroom).
  • This has always looked the least stable, though structural engineers haven't been worried by it.
  • The central post is compromised, as are several struts, and there's most likely no surviving sole plate. The bressumer and corner posts seem sound, however.
  • The electrics enter through this wall, on the inside of which are three fuse-boards. It has been known to let water in.
  • A plate to the right of the bedroom window has moved out from its place somewhat.
  • Note that there's no sign of the subsequent gaps appearing in the brick infill at this stage.

The (probably modern, and supportive) brick infill seems sound, but the patio is too high and has covered the sole plate.

The timbers around the central 'chevron' are in poor condition.

The 'wonky wall' in profile, showing the bulge.


2016 - June - Wonky Wall

  • More photos of the 'wonky wall' and the adjacent kitchen - a 1980's addition to the 15th / 16th century original.

Henry the dog and unknown guests in front of the 'wonky wall'.

Naomi & Leandro. 'Wonky wall' and kitchen in the background.


2014 - November - Lounge Chimney Lining

  • Photos taken the first time we were trying to get the lounge chimney lined.
  • For a later attempt, follow this link4.



2014 - November - Lych Gate

  • The lych gate after Julie had shunted the left-hand column six inches with the car.
  • Turned out the post was rotten as well, and the ironwork was rusted, but insurance paid out for the accident.
  • Fixed by a chap with an impressive-sounding name, but who knew nothig about lime mortar. Still, the post and the ironwork were replaced fine, but the lime morter was frost-damaged.



2014 - July



2013 - July


2013 - June



2013 - January



2012 - December



2012 - December - Outbuildings Conversion

Not quite sure when this photo was taken, but it's included here to show the finished job!

Not quite sure when this photo was taken, but it's included here to show the finished job!


2012 - November



2012 - November - Outbuildings Conversion


2012 - October


2012 - October - Outbuildings Conversion


2012 - April

  • Random Photos yet to be categorised. Taken by Sylvia?



2012 - April - The Wonky Room

  • Conversion of the 'wonky room', including the staircase from the dining room thereto.



2012 - April - Shower Room

  • Conversion of the shower room.
  • This had been a utilities room, presumably created in the 1980s during the kitchen extension.



2012 - March

  • The staircase to nowhere.



2012 - February



2012 - February - Light Fittings

  • Various dreadful light-fittings that we replaced as soon as we'd purchased the property.


2012 - January - Estate Agent

  • I think these must have come from an estate agent's website.
  • See Zoe Napier (which no longer contains the photos, I don't suppose!).


2012 - January - Survey

  • Terry Gregson's photos taken as part of the pre-purchase Survey.
  • Presumably shows what he thought was important.
  • I've had trouble rotating the photos without cropping them, so this is to be done in due course.



Unknown Date

  • Random Photos yet to be categorised.


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