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This document covers1 the following functions performed by clicking buttons on the front screen:-

  1. Update / Output Timeline Pages (cmdTimelines_Click)

To see the Code, click on the procedure name above.


Generic Timelines: Detailed processing
  1. Overview:
    • The names of photo JPEGs are copied from the selected directory into the table Photos_Raw, classified by (currently) one of three photo-types, reflecting the three options above.
    • Optionally, the photos themselves are copied to the Photos/Notes directory on the local copy of my website (they must be copied over manually to the live site).
    • Large and small copies of the same photo are matched up – using the string immediately before the “.jpg” to the preceding “_” (if any) – so that the small photo appears on the grid, for rapidity of loading, the large photo only being displayed on request.
    • I found a useful free utility – Mass Image Compressor – that can compress images in bulk. It works fine, and quickly.
    • The photos are segregated by month and displayed in descending date order. The date used is the “date taken” in the JPEG header, if there is one, otherwise a manually-entered date can be used. If both exist, the manually entered date takes precedence.
    • Within the month bands, a further segregation is allowed by photo-subgroup.
    • A narrative associated with each Month (or Subgroup within Month) can be entered to the Photo_Narratives table.
    • A jump-table (by Month, not sub-group) appears at the top of the page to allow easy access to, and an overview of, the timeline. The Narrative for the month appears as a pop-up.
    • An issue was display of portrait photos, which appeared as landscape in the grid, and when rotated distorted the grid unacceptably. I sorted this eventually, and flag such items – manually rotated using the standard Microsoft Photos utility – within Photos_Raw.
    • A final issue was the date the photo was taken. This can often be deduced from the JPEG header, using a modified version of a utility I found on-line. Otherwise, the date can be encoded in the file-name, or physically typed in to the Photos_Raw table.
  2. The following subroutines and functions are called into play:-
    1. Create_Timeline: This is the controlling routine, and will be covered in detail later.
    2. Compressed_Photos_Copy: This is a routine that copies already compressed images from a selected directory and copies them to another selected directory, prefixing the file name with “Small_”. The images can then be imported using Create_Timeline.
    3. GetProperty: This is a modified version of a bit of freeware found on-line (originally in VB). It returns “Property n” from the JPEG header. I only use it with n=12, which is “date photo taken”. It is not always set.
    4. Photo_Copy:
    5. Photo_Copy2:
    6. Photo_Preparation:
    7. Images_Add:
    8. Functor_16:
  3. Create_Timeline:
This Note is awaiting further attention8.

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