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Summary of Progress to Date (since October 2018)
  1. I have now provided statistics similar to those for my Bridge9 activities. For these follow THIS LINK. There are – in some cases – onward links to the actual games.
  2. Similar statistical information – but not the games – also comes “free” with The ECF Grading Database. There are plans to update this monthly from the beginning of 2020 - see ECF Monthly Grading Proposal. However, currently it can be more than 6 months out of date. The advantage of the ECF data is that it provides information on the opponents.
  3. Enough for now to say that in 18Q4 I played 7 gradable games – 2 in the Southend League Division 1, 1 in the NECL Division 3, and 4 in the Billericay Club Championship, winning 4 and drawing 3 for an average rating of 151 which was confirmed by the ECF by the end of January 2019.
  4. Since then I’ve played a further 17 games, which is good, but my results have nose-dived somewhat, and my rating is trending towards 129.
  5. These results are viewable by following the links above.
  6. In the case of the ECF site, search on my name. Then click on the Ref and then - at the bottom of the page - on the pink-coloured bar10.

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