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Animadversions - Aeon Papers

Introduction Papers Read: 243 Papers Unread: 1,232 Pri 1: 25 Pri 2: 370 Pri 3: 275 Pri 4: 179 Pri 5: 146 Pri 6: 85 Pri 7: 64 Pri 8: 44 Pri 9: 44

  1. The Aeon ( eZine, described in Aeon: About (
    1. Covers a large number of philosophical topics that I’m particularly interested in from a semi-professional point of view.
    2. It also covers others that are of more general interest, for which I’ve read papers as they crop up but don’t really have much time to comment on.
    3. Finally, there are others – and particularly videos – which are not as relevant, and which I often ignore.
  2. In May 2020, Aeon launched a new platform Psyche, described in Psyche: About ( I’ve just treated the Psyche videos and papers as for Aeon.
  3. This Note contains links to Aeon & Psyche papers and videos I've found interesting – or hope to find interesting – from 2019 onwards, together with a few others that I’d not had time to categorise in this Note. It represents an attempt to gain benefit from Aeon ( without incurring the overheads previously exemplified in the Note just cited. I intend to combine the two Notes in due course.
  4. The items accessed now appear in two lists: those I’ve read, and those I’ve not. The latter list ought to be itself divided in two – those I intend to read and those I don’t. This is because the items arrive too rapidly to be read, at least while I’m in “catch-up” mode. However, I’ve decided to simply prioritise the items, with the lower-priority items likely to remain languishing at the bottom. The priorities are fairly random, and subject to revision. I recently decided to restrict “priority 1” items to a maximum of 10, though I’ve not stuck to the resolution.
  5. I note here that this page is getting too slow to load, so I will need to split it. This may be either by priority, or by topic, but deciding what to do is quite complex and needs thinking through.
  6. Those I’ve read appear first, in reverse date of publication. I’ve tried to add a brief footnote for each.
  7. For the list of items I’ve not read, the items most recently published appear – within their respective priorities – at the top of the list when accessed, though with the videos first as they’re quicker to get through. Some of these items were "reminders" sent out at weekends when new material doesn't appear, so can have much earlier publication dates than their sequence in the list might imply. I’m in the process of adding the dates, which appear in red.
  8. The counts of the papers read – and unread by priority – appear in the table above, with hyperlinks to the lists.
  9. Note that where a date appears, this is the date published, not the date read. Any comments or additional information appear as a footnote, followed by clicking the date. Click on the paper title for the link to the full text on the Aeon ( website.
  10. I intend to add links to the PID Notes, where applicable, to which these works are relevant, and to their authors if they appear in my database. Also, if a paper turns out to be important enough for my research, I’ll incorporate it into my database so the hyperlinks to the topic of interest work better and I can add more information.
  11. While this was supposed to be a “quick and dirty” approach, I unfortunately ran into the MS Access 64k-character size-limit for long text. Thankfully, this can be over-ridden if the text is populated using Access Basic code, so I’ve added the wherewithal to achieve this. The references to “WebRef= nnnn” signify the primary key for a couple of tables I use to generate this page.
  12. A note on completeness: I’ve now been through all the emails received from Aeon since the beginning of 2018. Relatively few were omitted. Those for 2017 were dealt with in this Note, though my selection criteria were more rigorous in those days.
  13. I have to add a note of warning to myself. These papers are – in most cases – especially in the case of those selected – fascinating and informative. But they also lead on to other papers cited that are likewise fascinating and informative, or important if I am to follow in detail or critique the arguments put forward. There is no end to this process, which may end up as a distraction from constructive work.
  14. Some of the papers or videos are republications from other sites of interest. While noting the above comment, I will list them here (in the order they came to my attention):-
    Closer to Truth (
    Neurophilosophy (
    Woit - Not Even Wrong (
    3Blue1Brown ( (excellent mathematics site)
    Institute of Arts and Ideas (
    Philosophy Overdose (
    Physics Reimagined (
    YouTube: Then & Now (
    The Royal Institution (
  15. I ought to add a note on why all this is worth bothering with.
    1. Firstly, some items are relevant to my research or other projects, and provide a more contemporary or less formal / more exploratory approach than I’ll find in academic papers or books.
    2. Secondly, there are items on a very wide range of subjects that might be treated in magazines or broadsheets but which are dealt with in greater depth here.
  16. So, my intention is to use Aeon for general culture and education, and Newspapers for … news.

Items Pending

Items Read

Items Not Yet Read
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  5. Priority: 5
    • Aeon: Video - Barbican, 1969 ( 18/06/2020 (WebRef=9557)
      → How the Barbican brought back living into the working heart of London
    • Aeon: Video - 3D-printing coral reefs ( 26/05/2020 (WebRef=9467)
      → Ceramic coral reefs and sawdust houses – the architects 3D-printing the future from scratch
    • Aeon: Video - Annual musical report ( 18/05/2020 (WebRef=9451)
      → A project to compose music from everyday life is a joyful jolt of pure creativity
    • Aeon: Video - The hermit ( 06/05/2020 (WebRef=9411)
      → Disturbed loner? Gentle recluse? Opinions on an infamous Maine hermit run the gamut
    • Aeon: Video - 0107 b moll ( 15/04/2020 (WebRef=9343)
      → Bright nights, lonely crowds – a Tokyo train speeds through urban contradictions
    • Aeon: Video - Your name here ( 08/04/2020 (WebRef=9315)
      → ‘From dream to reality!’ The 1960s spoof that marked the dawn of self-aware advertising
    • Aeon: Video - The clinic ( 31/03/2020 (WebRef=9296)
      → Basic healthcare and clean needles is all in a day’s work at a roving addiction clinic
    • Aeon: Video - Kitezh-Vladimirskoye ( 23/03/2020 (WebRef=9281)
      → Postcards from Vladimirskoye – the sleepy town near the ‘Russian Atlantis’
    • Aeon: Video - Men ( 11/02/2020 (WebRef=9160)
      → As a debauched weekend comes to its end, a strange grace settles over these young men
    • Aeon: Video - The drill ( 21/01/2020 (WebRef=8971)
      → ‘I want to take the bullet and save my friends’ – the grim reality of safety drills in US schools
    • Aeon: Video - Black sheep ( 02/12/2019 (WebRef=8405)
      → What ultranationalism offers working-class teens in England’s north
    • Aeon: Video - These giant leaf insects will sway your heart ( 26/11/2019 (WebRef=8247)
      → When is a leaf not a leaf? When it’s got six legs and a face
    • Aeon: Video - Quiet hours ( 05/09/2019 (WebRef=7876)
      → ‘Old age is a ceremony of losses’: the late poet Donald Hall on a life lived long
    • Aeon: Video - Is the secret to a happy marriage in your DNA? ( 26/07/2019 (WebRef=8006)
      → Till genetics do us part – why the success of your marriage is encoded at birth
    • Aeon: Video - Random events ( 16/07/2019 (WebRef=8029)
      → A classic film finds order in randomness with the aid of some improbably elaborate sets
    • Aeon: Video - Chomsky and Foucault - Justice versus Power ( 04/07/2019 (Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault) (WebRef=8111)
      → When Chomsky met Foucault: how the thinkers debated the ‘ideal society’
    • Aeon: Video - Someone else's war ( 14/05/2019 (WebRef=8199)
      → What motivated three young Britons to join the deadly fight against ISIS in Syria?
    • Aeon: Video - The shampoo summit ( 29/04/2019 (WebRef=8241)
      → Sink-side diplomacy: a Jewish Israeli filmmaker gets a job at an Arab hair salon
    • Aeon: Video - Visualising empires decline ( 25/04/2019 (Susannah Heschel) (WebRef=8255)
      → Colonialism as mitosis – the rise and fall of empires, rendered as cell division
    • Aeon: Video - Rediscovering Ancient Greek music ( 12/03/2019 (Armand D'Angour) (WebRef=8749)
      → Music was ubiquitous in Ancient Greece. Now we can hear how it actually sounded
    • Aeon: Video - My raccoon ( 04/02/2019 (WebRef=8383)
      → ‘I think animals are the thing. Not people.’ Two brothers, and the wild company they keep
    • Aeon: Video - Inferno observatory ( 11/01/2019 (WebRef=8432)
      → Scientists haven’t tamed volcanoes but it’s wild and fun to watch them try
    • Aeon: Video - Operation Jane Walk ( 21/12/2018 (WebRef=8477)
    • Aeon: Video - Can food nourish your soul? ( 10/12/2018 (WebRef=8502)
      → Liberation of the soul through diet – how a Jain ascetic lives
    • Aeon: Video - Furniture poetry ( 06/11/2018327
    • Aeon: Video - Consciousness and creation: the neuroscience of perception ( 02/10/2018 (PID Note: Consciousness) (WebRef=8643)
      → On the ‘beholder’s share’ – how past experience influences our perception of art
    • Aeon: Video - Orgesticulanismus ( 11/09/2018 (WebRef=8690)
      → Moved by my father: a hallucinatory animated meditation on the body in motion
    • Aeon: Video - People in order: Home ( 16/08/2018 (WebRef=8742)
      → What can 73 homes arranged by household income say about their residents?
    • Aeon: Video - Ogoh-Ogoh ( 26/06/2018 (WebRef=8830)
      → Imposing demons meet a fiery end in an annual Balinese purification ritual
    • Aeon: Video - Taller than the trees ( 22/05/2018 (WebRef=8901)
      → Ad executive, diligent father, caring son – manhood as a balancing act in modern Japan
    • Aeon: Video - Mexican handcraft masters: stonemasonry ( 21/05/2018 (WebRef=8908)
      → How keeping a craft tradition alive can bring a 500-year-old city into the future
    • Aeon: Video - Beigels already ( 24/04/2018 (WebRef=9380)
      → ‘The next best thing to a sexual fantasy’ – hanging out at London’s all-night bagel bakery
    • Aeon: Video - The commoners ( 22/03/2018 (WebRef=9019)
      → The manifest destiny of starlings. How a nod to Shakespeare unleashed an avian conquest
    • Aeon: Video - Eyes of Exodus ( 12/03/2018 (WebRef=8450)
      → What happens when refugees start to outnumber residents on a small tourist island
    • Aeon: Video - (Almost) freedom ( 02/02/2018 (WebRef=9099)
      → What it’s like to live with a GPS-enabled ankle monitor that tracks your location at all times
    • Aeon: Video - The mess ( 01/02/2018 (WebRef=9097)
      → An intimate, very visual exploration of the harrowing cycle of bipolar disorder
    • Aeon: Video - Harvest: Cork ( 02/11/2017 (WebRef=9212)
      → The once-in-a-decade harvest of cork requires blunt force and tender care in equal measure
    • Aeon: Video - Tashi and the monk ( 26/09/2016 (WebRef=8706)
      → A monk dedicates himself to giving unwanted children the childhood he never had
    • Aeon: Video - Slomo ( 21/04/2016 (John Kitchin) (WebRef=8709)
      → A neurologist finds peace and happiness in the feeling of constant acceleration
    • Aeon: Video - The insatiable hairy frogfish ( 03/07/2015 (WebRef=8936)
      → Don’t be fooled by its shaggy charm: the hairy frogfish eats prey its own size
    • Aeon: Video - Flying Anne ( 09/04/2014 (WebRef=8579)
      → Anne is 11 and has Tourette’s syndrome. She also has a great love of life
    • Aeon: Savage - Selfish, grumpy and unkind? That’s my kind of woman ( 23/06/2020 (Ellena Savage) (WebRef=9577)
    • Aeon: Brown - How to overcome a fear of heights ( 10/06/2020 (Poppy Brown) (WebRef=9518)
      → Humans are wired to avoid vertiginous places, but if this fear gets in the way of life then exposure therapy can help
    • Aeon: Saunt - Indian removal ( 23/04/2020 (Claudio Saunt) (WebRef=9363)
      → One of the first mass deportations in the modern world, administered by state bureaucrats, took place on American soil
    • Aeon: Russo - How chasing solar eclipses opened me up to the awe of living ( 20/03/2020 (Kate Russo) (WebRef=9260)
    • Aeon: LaMothe - For Nietzsche, life’s ultimate question was: ‘Does it dance?’ ( 03/03/2020 (Kimerer LaMothe) (WebRef=9230)
    • Aeon: Case - Naming the Universe ( 18/02/2020 (Stephen Case) (WebRef=9178)
      → How the quick thinking of internationally minded astronomers avoided stamping the solar system with petty European rivalries
    • Aeon: Farmer, Markopoulou, Beinhocker & Rasmussen - Collaborators in creation ( 11/02/2020 (Doyne Farmer, Fotini Markopoulou, Eric Beinhocker & Steen Rasmussen) (WebRef=9162)
      → Our world is a system, in which physical and social technologies co-evolve. How can we shape a process we don’t control?
    • Aeon: Ehrenfeld - How William James encourages us to believe in the possible ( 24/01/2020 (Temma Ehrenfeld) (WebRef=9046)
    • Aeon: Dresser - The meaning of Margaret Mead ( 21/01/2020 (Sam Dresser) (WebRef=8973)
      → Mead argued that non-Western cultures offered alternative (often better) ways to be human. Why was she so vilified for it?
    • Aeon: Lundorff - It’s complicated – why some grief takes much longer to heal ( 20/01/2020 (Marie Lundorff) (WebRef=8958)
    • Aeon: Malchik - Riot acts ( 23/12/2019 (Antonia Malchik) (WebRef=8622)
      → History shows that tumult is a companion to democracy and when ordinary politics fails, the people must take to the streets
    • Aeon: Dermendzhiyska - Cradled by therapy ( 19/12/2019 (Elitza Dermendzhiyska) (WebRef=8593)
      → Why therapy works is still up for debate. But, when it does, its methods mimic the attachment dynamics of good parenting
    • Aeon: Kahn - Project and system ( 09/12/2019 (Paul Kahn) (WebRef=8505)
      → There are two ways of seeing order in the world: as a spontaneous system or as an intentional project. Which way lies freedom?
    • Aeon: Sperling - Ways of living ( 03/12/2019 (Joshua Sperling) (WebRef=8462)
    • Aeon: Wooldridge - Despite their dangers, pro-anorexia forums have much to teach us ( 30/10/2019 (Tom Wooldridge) (PID Note: Psychopathology) (WebRef=9398)
    • Aeon: Hughes-Warrington - Wonder works ( 30/10/2019 (Marnie Hughes-Warrington) (WebRef=8074)
      → History and philosophy should reveal to us the baffling, strange and wondrous qualities of other lives and other times
    • Aeon: McCarraher - Mammon ( 22/10/2019 (Eugene McCarraher) (WebRef=8035)
      → Far from representing rationality and logic, capitalism is modernity’s most beguiling and dangerous form of enchantment
    • Aeon: Trunzo - The best life possible ( 30/09/2019 (Joseph Trunzo) (WebRef=8000)
      → Living with chronic illness is hard. But there are psychological techniques that make it possible to thrive even when ill
    • Aeon: Kreutz - Marxism and Buddhism ( 17/07/2019 (Adrian Kreutz) (PID