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Hence, the openness of the world implies that any explanation of the appearance of things that relies on divine or other deception is false.

  1. Hence, for example, the assertion that God or any impersonal process created the universe with the appearance of age is false. If the universe appears to be very old, it is because it is very old.
  2. Taking this example further, let us assume for the sake of argument that the universe was created ex nihilo instantaneously some time ago. Then, at the time of its creation, it would not, according to my principle, have borne the appearance of age; for that would have been deceptive. Consequently, the universe could not have been created in a developed state, nor could it quickly have attained to such a state.
  3. Hence, according to the principle of openness, any assumption of the type of "omphalos" (the notion that [on the assumption that the Biblical record in Genesis Chapter 1 is history] Adam would have been created with a navel, trees with rings etc., and therefore would have had the appearance of having had a natural origin even though directly created) is fallacious.

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