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Objective experience may be considered to be built up of atomic sense perceptions of the form "I see a red patch now". However, in order for the individual to perceive anything significant, these atomic perceptions need to be combined and analysed. That is, sense perception has to be interpreted before it can be understood. Reason has its part to play in converting sense data into experience even before it is applied to experiences to form a body of knowledge about the world.

  1. The process of the infant's perceptual development1 involves the assembly of complexes of sense perceptions into recognisable objects and experienced situations.
  2. In childhood & adult life, experiences & situations are "recognised" as complexes.
  3. There is a tendency to translate raw sense data into an experience that is expected. Hence, it is easy for our senses to be deceived, for we are not perceiving the raw sense data, but only the interpreted image.
  4. What is experienced depends on what we understand the world to contain. To an extent, we perceive what we expect to perceive. Conversely, we may fail to perceive what we do not expect to perceive.
  5. While perception is generally conservative, ie. unusual situations are converted into familiar ones, an expectation of an unusual event occurring may stimulate an hallucinatory perception. For example, we are more likely to see a ghost on the landing if we have just seen a ghost film.
  6. The more time we have to consider2 an experience, the less likely we are to misinterpret it, because we have a greater opportunity to re-evaluate the situation.

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