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A distinction is to be made between experience & experiments. In an experiment, the conditions are controlled so that the experimenter can determine whether the (pre-selected) proposition p or the proposition not-p is true of the world.

  1. This definition conforms to the Galilean concept of experiment, as being the more fruitful, rather than the Baconian, in which no hypothesis is being tested, but the world is simply being observed to see how it performs under controlled conditions.
  2. An experiment should be so designed that any appropriately equipped & serious person can repeat it with the same result.
  3. Statements about the world that cannot be tested by experiment are to be treated with suspicion, unless they follow logically from statements or complexes of statements that are subject to experimentation.
  4. Some form of verification1 principle is essential, namely, that unverifiable statements have almost certainly no reference. This is because in a contingent world there are infinitely many possibilities.
  5. A distinction needs to be drawn between statements that are undecideable2 in principle and those merely so in practise.
  6. Statements that are undecidable in principle are more suspect than those that are merely undecidable in practise.
  7. The allegedly unverifiable statement "there exists a transcendent3 God" is only obviously so if such a God is supposed never to become immanent.

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