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Innate knowledge is not available, though innate abilities & propensities most probably are (cf. Chomsky & language acquisition). Hence, the mind at birth is a tabula rasa with respect to knowledge but not with respect to the ability to acquire those skills which are subsequently essential for the acquisition of knowledge.

  1. The specific promptings of conscience are socially acquired, rather than being innate, as is demonstrated by the various workings of conscience in different societies. However, the ability to acquire & operate within a moral code would seem to be innate & to be essential for social animals that are not totally dominated by instinctive behaviour.
  2. The appearance of a measure of commonality of moral codes amongst different societies may be explained from the observation that certain practises (or restraints therefrom) are essential for the preservation of any society. Societies that are deviant in key areas have a tendency to die out or disintegrate.
  3. Familiarity & social conditioning give the appearance of inevitability to practises that are essentially arbitrary.

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