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Despite the fact that the world seems to obey a number of simple laws, it cannot yet be demonstrated beyond all contradiction that all of experience may be reduced to law, nor that all of the world's laws are simple, because not all of experience has yet been analysed nor are all of the world's laws yet fully understood.

  1. However, scientific progress to date leads us to expect laws to govern most areas of experience and for as yet undiscovered laws to turn out to be simple.
  2. Such expectations govern, for instance, the search for grand unified theories (GUTs) in physics, which seek to unify the four fundamental forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, and the strong & week nuclear forces) into a single super-force (eg. in the theory of superstrings). It is, of course, still an open question whether the fundamental forces of physics can be unified and hence whether there is a limit to the simplifications that can be discovered.

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