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The fact that the world displays a regular pattern is the reason we can make some sense of it and our ability to predict its future (when we can) is due to the operation of its laws.

  1. Irregularity would make prediction & learning from experience impossible. It is this fact of routinely successful application of learned experiences to future experience that confirms our belief in a regular world governed by law.
  2. This regular pattern is not made void by quantum theory. While the strict application of the classical rules of cause & effect may break down at the quantum level, future states of affairs may still be assigned probabilities.
  3. In quantum mechanics, events may still be described as ordinary or extraordinary. An extraordinary event would be one with a probability orders of magnitude lower than that of other possible events.
  4. The extrapolation of quantum uncertainty to attempt explanations of macroscopic "miraculous" events leads to such low probabilities as to be indistinguishable from impossibilities.
  5. I am not impressed by arguments to the effect that quantum uncertainties make the universe more open to the intervention of an external creator than was the case with the divine clockwork of the Newtonian (or Laplacian) universe.

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