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The above proposition is not a definition of Christianity, but a description of one important aspect of its self-understanding. Because the popular image of Christianity falls woefully short of what Christianity claims to be, and because there is even considerable debate on this issue within the churches, it is necessary in this paper to point out some of Christianity's claims.

  1. In what follows, the form of Christianity under consideration is not modern liberalism, but a more traditional substantive form, albeit under the interpretation of Evangelicalism.
  2. Christianity claims to make demands of, and to have an eternal impact on, everyone in the world. Indeed, it claims to be central to the course of the world as a whole, both in its physical and spiritual aspects.
  3. Hence, Christianity understands itself as being publicly recommendable to others, not as being a merely private or esoteric experience. It sees itself as the Truth, ignored or repudiated by any individual at his eternal peril.
  4. With a message of such far-reaching consequences, promulgation (usually known as evangelism in this context) is at the centre of Christianity, and rightly so if Christianity (as understood in this paper) is true.

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