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Before we can evaluate Christianity, we must first of all decide what Christianity is.

  1. One method of answering the above question is to develop the maximal subset of possible statements about Christianity that are internally consistent and generally believed by Christians.
  2. Since, however, there is no consensus amongst Christians on what all the true statements of Christianity are, the proposition "the statements of Christianity are all true" does not even make sense without further definition. Hence the importance in this paper of making clear what we understand by the term Christianity.
  3. I take Christianity to be a more fundamental term than Christian. Hence, there would seem to be circular reasoning in defining Christianity as "what Christians say it is" (C.S. Lewis). We need a more objective criterion. Therefore, we will emphasise the importance of the Bible in defining the meaning of Christianity. Tradition & present experience, the only obvious alternatives or supplements, will be rejected.
  4. The analysis of sectarian beliefs is a separate & inexhaustible exercise which will not be pursued in this paper.

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