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We must now ask ourselves what level of reliability is required of the Bible for us to accept its claims as most probably true.

  1. I will take it as self-evident that the least demanding option should be taken. If Christianity can be grounded on a Bible that is (to some degree) reliable but not inerrant, then this should be taken as sufficient for our purposes.
  2. While we must note that Scripture has a very high level of respect for itself, it would be reasoning in a circle were we to suggest that we must believe in the inerrancy of Scripture because the Bible claims to be inerrant (even if it does).
  3. The "inerrancy of Scripture" is therefore not the most fundamental Christian postulate. Some scheme (or world view) such as that outlined in this paper is.
  4. The "inerrancy of Scripture" is therefore not a proposition that defines Christianity but is one that may be discussed within Christianity.

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