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Since the inerrancy of Scripture is a more extraordinary claim than the general reliability of Scripture, inerrancy should not be insisted on unless it can clearly be demonstrated or it can be shown that the denial of inerrancy would lead to a fatal inconsistency within the Christian postulates.

  1. Similarly, since a claim to inerrancy may be undermined by one clear counter-example, it is unwise to insist upon inerrancy unless no other postulate is tenable.
  2. If the truth of Christianity can be demonstrated to rest upon the inerrancy of Scripture and if Scripture can be demonstrated with some probability not to be inerrant, then Christianity would be demonstrated to be false with at least the same degree of probability.
  3. Hence, it is more prudent only to insist on the general reliability of Scripture.
  4. Insisting on Biblical inerrancy simply because it makes doctrinal demonstrations easier runs the risk of making logical shipwreck of the whole Christian faith for the sake of mere exegetical convenience.

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