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As we have noted, Christianity is a public statement about the world, knowledge of which is claimed to be based on experience in history, evidence for these historical happenings being pre-eminently recorded in the Bible. Hence, a priori, evidence for the truth of the Bible, as a record of historical events, need be no greater than for other historical documents that we habitually take as sufficient for establishing historical events.

  1. However, it is habitually the case that no documentary evidence is taken as sufficient to make us believe in certain extraordinary portents or other alleged happenings recorded in pagan antiquity. Given this, it might be suggested that the Bible needs to be self-validating. That is, that it needs to be obviously beyond the reach of unaided human production in order for us to believe its more extraordinary claims.
  2. I reject this assertion, if only because I do not believe, as a point of contingent fact, that the Bible can stand up to this scrutiny (for which, see later). Moreover, I do not believe that we are justified in simply ruling out all events of an extraordinary nature recorded in an ancient source. Such records may be entertained provided certain conditions are met, as follows1.

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