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The Bible may therefore not (and therefore should not) simply be assumed to be infallible (or "inerrant" or whatever stronger term is required) without arguments justified externally from the Bible. We believe the Bible to be inerrant (if we do) for reasons outside the Bible.

  1. This is because the argument that the most logical foundation for Christianity is first of all to posit the existence of God and secondly to posit the Bible as his inerrant word of revelation is insufficient to establish the uniqueness of Christianity, for the reasons below.
  2. Christianity cannot dispute on this a priori basis with any other religion with its own god and book. A Christian can only argue that his God and Book are true whereas other religions' gods & books are false (or inadequate) for reasons outside the Bible. He needs to point to some common standard, that is, to the world as experienced under the interpretation of reason.
  3. Of course, if the Bible were to be proved to be inerrant (or even well founded in its essentials) by some non-arbitrary demonstration, it then could and should be used as a yardstick to evaluate other religions, but only once so established.
  4. The factors by which we come to conclusions about the internal consistency and factual reliability of any religious book should be the same as those wherewith we judge the merits of the Bible, and are external to any particular religion.
  5. To reject other religions (and their books) simply because the Bible rejects them (if it does) is to make an arbitrary choice of religion, unless that choice is also governed by reasons external to the Bible.

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