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Because the evidence of our own eyes is more certain than the evidence for the inerrancy of Scripture, it would not make sense to say that our perception of the world as a physical system is fundamentally mistaken simply on the evidence (real or supposed) of the Bible.

  1. We apply this principle when we recognise figures of speech in the Bible (eg. the chariot of the sun, the storehouses for the wind, the four corners of the earth etc.).
  2. Certain scientific theories may be mistaken. However, it has to be argued both on a case by case basis and cumulatively whether the probability of error of the particular physical theory exceeds the probability of the contentious Biblical passage being inerrant (or having been correctly interpreted).
  3. The classic case of the above is the opposition between the various theories of biological evolution & the literal interpretation of Genesis. The divide between Christians on the issue seems to be driven both by scientific and by exegetical beliefs.

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