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However, it is a very big step indeed from the above statement to one asserting complete inerrancy.

  1. In general, those who insist on inerrancy are too lax in the strictures they place on the Bible & too forward in proclaiming its excellences.
  2. That is, "allowances" are made for the Bible when none are legitimate under the "inerrancy" paradigm. Evidence is very selective, the generally more acceptable Biblical texts being concentrated on at the expense of others.
  3. Also, it usually turns out that no evidence is allowed to refute the claim to inerrancy. There is always the appeal to "further evidence" yet to be discovered. If this were a very occasional retreat into current ignorance it would be acceptable. However, this retreat has to be made more often than is commonly admitted. The claim of Biblical inerrancy is therefore analytic rather than synthetic: the Bible is declared to be inerrant by definition rather than from experience.

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