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The Bible should not be taken as a "package". We should believe its statements (if we do) individually, recognising the diversity of the material with respect to date, provenance, intent, style and other literary qualities.

  1. The alternative, to believe the whole of the Bible because of a presuppositional bias may, and in many cases must, lead to disingenuity on the part of the person holding such a view. It leads to "believing (numerous) impossible things before breakfast" and to other manifestations of self-deceit.
  2. The assumption of stark alternatives - ie. that the Bible is either completely trustworthy or everywhere dubious - has resulted in many exaggerated claims on both sides of the debate.
  3. Liberals have greatly exaggerated the Bible's defects.
  4. Conservatives, fearful that the whole fabric of Christianity will collapse if one error is found in Scripture, have exaggerated its merits.
  5. Both sides in the above controversy have managed to persuade themselves that arguments are cogent merely because they reach what are to them acceptable conclusions.

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